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  • Uncle Joe and Aunt Amy (Friday, November 23 12 10:23 am EST)

    Adorable children, awesome video, as always. My favorite part had to be when the two of them were playing duck duck gray duck! LOL. Thank you for sharing this with us!

  • Ms. Kathy (Monday, January 07 13 11:27 pm EST)

    They are both so cute and creative. Love them both! Thanks for sharing them with us.

  • Auntie Danyel (Tuesday, January 08 13 08:41 am EST)

    I love you girls so much. You are beautiful and precious Ava and Grace. Love Auntie Danyel

  • Ms. Yuri (Sunday, January 13 13 05:50 pm EST)

    Grace and Ava are absolutely precious! The photos really capture their bright, energetic, and adorable personalities. What a package! Thank you for letting me be a part of their lives.

  • Jaelynn (Tuesday, May 29 18 07:40 pm EDT)

    Grace + Ava's website is amazing they are so lucky that they get there own.

  • AvaGreeson 11 Years old (Saturday, October 26 19 09:03 pm EDT)

    I love my website it tells so much about us and people can become friends with us! Have fu learning about us!

  • Jadyn VanDenBrink!! (Monday, April 20 20 11:09 am EDT)

    hey Grace and Ava its Jadyn.
    I miss you alot, is there any way i can face time you or something? See you (maybe)?

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